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LTE Real Time QoE Emulator

Deployment of Long Term Evolution (LTE and LTE-A) continues to increase globally, to meet the unprecedented demand for mobile broadband services. It incorporates innovations such as advanced Radio Resource Management (RRM), Self Organizing Networks (SON), small cell solutions, and many others which, collectively, provide increased capacity and data speed while reducing the cost per byte and overall expense of operating these networks. However, the development and deployment of LTE solutions present some unique challenges for the telecom equipment manufacturers and service providers, who need to address the increased complexity of these networks.

Thus, network operators, need to make performance tests and feasibility studies, before deploying the system in the field or before the release of new services. So, a software tool capable of simulating the operation conditions and capable of recreating a wide variety of scenarios related to the performance of the radio connection, is a valuable tool to the different players in this market: mobile network operators, service provider and applications, researchers and designers of new systems (e.g. LTE-Advanced, 5G).

In the development and standardization of LTE, as well as in the implementation process of equipment manufacturers, simulations are necessary to test and optimize algorithms and procedures. This has to be carried out on the physical layer (link level) and in the network (system level) context.

Around the world, many research facilities and vendors are investigating LTE aspects. For that purpose, commercially available simulators applied in industry, as well as simulators applied in academia, have been developed.

Available LTE simulation tools don't take into consideration the Quality of Experience that a certain service has, which in fact directly affects consumer expectations. With this in mind, the aim of this proposal is to develop an LTE emulator, composed by the System Level Simulator (SLS) and the Real Time Link Emulator (RTLE) that can be used for testing the performance of several services under the conditions of a real LTE mobile network.
In short, CMSF-SI intends to develop an LTE Real-Time QoE Emulator, capable of interfacing both with existing LTE simulators as well as with real equipment

More information on this topic soon...