CMSF-SI CMSF-SI was one of the first imlementers of the IETF PAWS protocol. Our implementation is based on the IETF technical description of PAWS version 06.

Recognizing that in the near future portions of the currently licensed radio spectrum are to be available for non-interfering use (this available spectrum is called "White Space"), which will provide opportunities for innovation, CMSF-SI developed a protocol for communication between White Space device (WSD) and a White Space database (a geospatial database that tracks available spectrum in accordance to rules of one or more regulatory domains).

CMSF-SI was pioneer in providing a working protocol that enables spectrum information from White Space databases to be available to WSDs.
Three services are defined and implemented on the interface between the geolocation database and WSDs: Registration, Channel List Request and ID Verification. The protocol allows any WSD to gain access to the services of the geo-location database by communicating over commonly used Internet protocols in compliance with IETF PAWS specification.

Our PAWS implementation enables a master WSD to complete the following tasks:
  • Connect to the database using a well-defined access method
  • Register with the database using a well-defined protocol
  • Provide its geo-location and other data to the database using a well-defined format for querying the database
  • Receive in response to the query a list of currently available white space channels, maximum power and sensing requirements, using a well-defined format for the information

Moreover, the protocol enables a slave WSD to complete the following tasks:

  • Since the slave WSD is not allowed to connect directly to the database, it must rely on the master WSD to do the query to the database, and verify if the slave WSD is valid (i.e.enrolled in the database)
  • The master WSD receives a response from the database, and sends a status code to the slave WSD, indicating to the slave WSD if its code is valid or not

Services not considered in the current implementation, but defined in IETF PAWS, are:

  • Database discovery
  • Master or slave WSDs enrolment in the database